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Thursday, July 18, 2024
5:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Riddel Hall - 185 Stranmillis Rd, Belfast BT9 5EE, United Kingdom

The Electric Circle - Belfast

Join us in “The Electric Circle” in Belfast – an event designed to educate and inspire the community about the benefits of electric vehicle (EVs) and sustainable living.
Event highlights
  • Tesla will showcase their latest EV innovations and provide insights into future technologies.
  • DC EV will will highlight our flexible EV subscription services, allowing attendees to experience the convenience and efficiency of our offerings through interactive sessions and test drives.
  • Plugable supports the event with cutting-edge charging solutions, emphasizing convenience and accessibility.
  • EVANI fosters a robust local community of EV enthusiasts, offering expertise and support.
  • Weev will introduce attendees to their comprehensive EV leasing programs, including the advantageous salary sacrifice scheme, and their efficient charging options, ensuring potential EV adopters understand all available benefits.

Event activities
Interactive Session
The evening will begin with a brief introduction, leading into a series of engaging expert talks and a dynamic product showcase.
Test Drive
You can book yourself to test drive select EVs at venue.
Extended networking
Open discussions and deeper understanding among attendees.
Why attend

DC EV is proud to be a key partner in the upcoming Belfast edition of “The Electric Circle,” a transformative event designed to educate and inspire the community about the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs) and sustainable living. Following the enthusiastic reception of our inaugural event in Drogheda, we’re excited to bring this initiative to Belfast, highlighting the latest in EV technology and subscription services.

A Platform for Reliable EV Information

“The Electric Circle” serves as a vital platform for debunking myths and providing accurate, practical information about EVs. Adrian Slattery, at DC EV, emphasizes the significance of such events: “In today’s rapidly evolving EV market, staying informed is key. At DC EV, we’re committed to not only offering top-tier EV subscription services but also educating the public about the accessibility and benefits of EVs. The Electric Circle is the perfect venue for us to engage with the community, answer questions, and demonstrate how easy and beneficial it can be to integrate EVs into daily life.”

Why Attend?

    • Combat Misinformation: Get the facts straight from experts and dispel common EV myths.

    • Access to Industry Leaders: Meet and interact with professionals from Tesla, DC EV, GoPlugable, and EVANI.

    • Community Connection: Connect with other EV users and enthusiasts for firsthand advice and stories.

Building on Success:

The enthusiastic response to our first event in Drogheda was just the beginning. Now, we are excited to bring this enhanced and engaging format to Belfast, incorporating more interactive elements and learning opportunities.

Join Us:

If you are considering an EV, want to learn more about sustainable practices, or are curious about the benefits of DC EV’s subscription services, this event is for you. Register today to secure your spot and be part of a movement towards a cleaner, greener future.

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