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Smart EV charging: How it works

‘Smart charging’ is, of course, the smartest way to charge your electric vehicle (or EV). The idea is simple: unlike conventional (or ‘dumb’) chargers, smart chargers can communicate with each other, your car, and the grid. The result? A cheaper, more energy-efficient and sustainable way to top up your car.

What is a smart EV charger?

In technology-speak, ‘smart’ can mean a few different things. But broadly, it refers to automation, or your device’s ability to connect to other devices. And when it comes to charging your car an ethernet-connected or WIFI EV charger allows your charger to communicate with your car, the electricity grid, and with the EV charging infrastructure (i.e. other chargers).

The Top 4 benefits of smart EV charging

  1. They’re fast (much quicker than a three-pin plug)

Easily the handiest benefit of a home charging unit is being able to charge your vehicle far faster.

The charging time is generally much shorter because a home charging unit has three times the power of a three-pin plug3.

  1. Schedule charging around your life

If your EV home charger is internet-connected, there are a few other cool things you can do with it – like syncing it with your calendar. Simply add your schedule to your smart charger app, and your electric vehicle will always be ready to go when you need it.

  1. A greener (and cheaper) way to charge

Your charger can be set to power up your EV when it’s greenest to do so (while still making sure it’s fully charged by the time you need it to be). It does this by avoiding charging during peak hours and instead, charging your car when carbon emissions are likely to be at their lowest.

This means you’ll bring down your charging emissions by up to 25%, making your EV more sustainable than ever.

  1. You’ve got the option of low-cost charging with a flexible energy plan.

DC can arrange a flexible energy plan that helps you make the most of when energy’s at its cheapest – usually in the middle of the night.

This is great for EV owners, because the middle of the night is usually exactly when you’ll want to charge your vehicle. And who doesn’t love the idea of saving money while you sleep?!

Your smart EV charger will also be linked to your home’s smart meter, helping you to monitor your entire home’s energy-efficiency.

How to pick the best EV charger for you

If you’re looking for an EV smart charger in Ireland there are a lot to choose from. First, decide whether you’d prefer tethered or untethered.

  • Tethered chargers let you just park and plug in. Easy!
  • Untethered chargers need an extra cable – but they have the added benefit of being future-proof, as they’ll allow you to connect any type of electric car.

Other factors to consider include:

  • The Cost – typically, a home EV charger is around €800 plus installation with a SEAI grant available See more
  • What it looks like – the Wallbox will be on display in your home after all!
  • Whether you want it to be compatible with other types of renewable energy (e.g. if you have solar panels on your roof)

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