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Alfa Romeo planning large electric SUV

Alfa Romeo is one of the most iconic brands among petrolheads, yet it too is eyeing an electric future. Leading the transition will be a large full-electric SUV positioned above the current Stelvio. According to company sources, the new, yet-to-be-named model will target established premium SUVs, including the BMW X5, as Alfa Romeo continues to move to a more premium position in the market. 

Speaking at the start of production of the company’s latest compact SUV, the Tonale, Alfa Romeo’s CEO, Jean-Philippe Imparato, said a new flagship SUV will not only be a key model for the company’s fortunes in Europe but will also help to drive sales in both China and the United States. 

The introduction of another SUV will change the look of the Alfa Romeo range, but the increased profitability such models bring is crucial for the company’s success. Its existing saloon, the Giulia, will see out its current model life in a few years. Imparato confirmed that there would be an electric replacement: “We are not abandoning the Giulia. There will be a future Giulia, and it will be an electric-only model,” he said. 

In an interview with Automotive News, Jean-Philippe Imparato said: “Our pricing benchmark is BMW in every region. To me, pricing is not a selling tool, it’s a lever to improve a brand’s positioning. You can’t build a premium brand if you are under pressure to reach high volumes. I’m lucky to have a boss [Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares] who said, “I don’t even speak about market share.” We focus on quality, margin per unit and pricing power. We want to be able to say we brought Alfa to the right level of technology, electrification, CO2 emissions while reaching an adequate profitability level.”

Since coming under the ownership of Stellantis following the merger of Fiat Chrysler and PSA Group, there has been a fresh impetus in reviving the Alfa Romeo brand to put it on a firmer footing for the future. The access to electrified platforms within the group will make it easier for the company to expand its model range. There are plans for Alfa Romeo to introduce a new model every year until 2026 and to become a fully electric brand by 2027, where it will form the premium end of Stellantis alongside Maserati.

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