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5 Reasons to Switch to an Electric Vehicle

If you’re thinking about making the switch to an electric vehicle, you’re not alone! Electric vehicles, or EVs, are getting cheaper and more efficient over time, which means there’s never been a better time to take the plunge and make the switch from gas-powered to electric-powered transportation. Here are five reasons why you should switch to an electric vehicle.

1. Driving an electric vehicle is better for your personal health

With gas prices continuing to soar, it makes sense to reduce your exposure to potentially toxic chemicals like benzene. By switching from traditional cars and trucks to electric vehicles, you’ll enjoy low maintenance costs and less exposure to air pollution – both of which can lead to better health in general. Their environmental footprint is much smaller than gas-guzzling SUVs and commercial transportation alike, making them a cost-effective way of living more green every day. That doesn’t mean they have to be boring; they come in all shapes and sizes, including some performance-oriented options that go 0–60 mph in about four seconds flat! They’re often quieter and less harsh on your body when you’re driving, meaning they’re as fun as they are eco-friendly. Bottom line: electric vehicles are fun AND good for you!

2. Environmental benefits

While you can’t run your vehicle directly on electricity, there are substantial environmental benefits to owning an electric vehicle. In Ireland, almost half (46%) of our electricity is generated from natural-gas fuelled power stations, and about one-seventh comes from coal (14%). About a third of our power is generated from indigenous sources like wind (18%), peat (8.8%) and hydroelectricity (2.5%). You’ll see that number jump significantly in times when Ireland’s winds pick up—and if everyone switched to EVs, we could avoid countless CO2 emissions and improve air quality over time. As an EV owner, you can avoid emissions from gasoline-powered vehicles—which makes air cleaner for everyone. Electric vehicles are also efficient: it takes around three times as much energy to power a gas-powered car as it does an electric one. Finally, if you get your electricity from renewable sources then your commute is essentially carbon-neutral!

3. Driving an electric vehicle = fun

Driving a car is more than just getting from point A to point B; it’s about experiencing everything along the way. Whether you want a sporty vehicle, or something more family-friendly, electric vehicles (EVs) give you all that and more. With no gears to shift and various other manual functions are taken care of for you, EVs make driving more of a fun experience. It’s almost like flying on land! You won’t miss any part of your journey because you’ll be fully immersed in making it happen—which is not possible with gas-powered cars. You control your EV completely through computer systems, meaning the fun doesn’t need to come at the expense of safety; most EV options will take away much (if not all) of your anxiety while driving. Even when behind the wheel, what would usually be stressful becomes a breeze when enjoying an EV ride—all without having to worry about climbing gas prices or running out of juice at some point down the road. You can also feel good knowing your vehicle is green energy at its core!

Inside a Polestar 2 with monitor screen

4. Financial savings from driving an electric vehicle

The average motorist spends about €2,149 on petrol or €1,660 on diesel a year, which includes both city and highway driving. That’s nearly €200 per month! By switching to an electric vehicle with a 100-mile range, you could save about 25% on your monthly fuel bill. It may not seem like much at first glance, but that adds up quickly over time—especially if you can get tax incentives or subsidies for purchasing electric vehicles! While EVs are still slightly more expensive on average than their gasoline counterparts, they’ll pay for themselves in fuel savings after one year of use. Once enough people switch over to EVs, we’ll start seeing even lower prices as demand increases and technology improves.

5. Government incentives

Switching to electric vehicles comes with tax credits, grants and other forms of government support. This financial help can bring down purchase costs significantly and might make your entire EV-buying decision a no-brainer. Most importantly, you’ll be part of reducing your own carbon footprint while driving around town. In Ireland, a maximum grant of €5,000 is available for eligible BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles or all-electric cars) and PHEVs (Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles) with a list price of over €14,000 when purchased privately, and up to €3,800 for eligible N1 category EVs with a list price of over €14,000 for businesses.

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