Industry highlights week 29 May – 2 Jun 2023

More Than Half Of New Cars Registered In May Were Fully Electric Or Hybrids

The rise in ‘electrified’ vehicles (cars with varying degrees of battery power) is being attributed to an increase in supply to meet growing buyer demands.

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‘At The Moment In Cahir You Couldn’t Charge A Razor Not To Mind A Car’

Councillor Andy Moloney said that the lack of facilities is putting the town at an economic disadvantage.

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Inventing The €100 A Month Electric Car

Electric cars are the future. They’re clean, fun to drive and cheap to own. One day all of us will drive electric. And yet, it is undeniable that today EVs are unaffordable for many people.

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Why The UK's Electric Cars Risk Driving Into A 'Massive Black Hole'

The Government is pushing drivers to go electric to meet its net zero targets – yet as it solves one problem, another moves into view.

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Electrogenic Presents EV Conversion Kit For Jaguar E-Type

British EV conversion specialist Electrogenic has presented the first completed Jaguar E-Type Roadster fitted with its new ‘drop in’ EV conversion kit ‘E43’. The kit is compatible with Series 1 to 3 cars, in both Coupe and Roadster form.

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