Industry highlights week 27 – 31 Mar 2023

Electric Car Range Can Be Boosted By Revolutionary New Battery Technology

Researchers have developed a high-capacity anode material that could boost the current electric car range by at least ten-fold.

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Partnership 'Heralds New Era For Electric Light Commercial Vehicles'

COMMERCIAL vehicle specialist ETRUX and electric vehicle pioneers Watt Electric Vehicle Company (WEVC) are joining forces on a project to revolutionise the adoption of electric light vehicles by fleet managers in the UK and Europe and the release of an engineered prototype at next month’s CV Show in Birmingham.

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This Electric Utility Vehicle Is A Mini Pickup With A Dump Truck Bed

Club Car, an iconic golf cart producer, introduced the Club Car Urban LSV and XR on Wednesday, its latest street-legal electric vehicle. The Club Car Urban EV is a mini pickup built to get the job done with a dump truck bed for conveniently hauling and dumping payloads with several other cargo options.

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Where Do Emerging Markets Stand In The Electric Vehicle Transition?

Climate change represents one of the greatest challenges the world faces. Rising temperatures, increased frequency of extreme weather events, water scarcity, and other adverse consequences have brought environmental concerns to the forefront, sparking over seventy countries to commit to net-zero emission targets.

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Here's How EV Batteries Can Be Given A Second Life

By 2050, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory expects the demand for graphite, lithium and cobalt, all critical minerals in EV batteries, to increase by 500%. It estimates that the lifetime of an EV battery is around 12 to 15 years in moderate climates.

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