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Industry highlights week 23 – 27 Oct 2022

VW To Go Fully Electric In Europe From 2033

The core brand Volkswagen Passenger Cars wants to build only pure electric cars in Europe from 2033 at the latest.

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Octopus Energy Generation Funds EV Charging Infrastructure In The North Of England

Octopus Energy Generation today announces its first investment in the UK’s electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, helping accelerate the country’s transition to green, electric transport.

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How The Right EV Tires Can Improve Your Range And Performance

EVs present unique challenges for tires. They’re much heavier than gas-powered vehicles because of their batteries and their electric motors make considerably more torque; those two factors can lead to accelerated wear for a typical set of tires.

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This US Company Says It Can Process Mineral Components For EV Makers ‘In Months’

Electrek spoke with Megan O’Connor, cofounder and CEO of Nth Cycle, a Beverly, Massachusetts-based metals processing tech company, about how her company can help EV manufacturers address this challenge quickly.

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World's First Affordable Solar EV: Sono Motors Sion At $25,000

Germany company Sono Motors says it will bring a solar-powered electric vehicle to market in Europe in mid-2023. Sono has brought the car, called the Sion, on a tour throughout the U.S., in anticipation of its eventual domestic release.

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