Industry highlights week 23 – 27 Jan 2023

Here Are the New Electric Vehicles Planned by 2026

The landscape for electric vehicles already has changed a lot for the 2023 model year, with many more choices for shoppers ready to take the plunge, and the faster pace looks likely to continue as automakers fill out their lineups with EVs that could replace some of their core gasoline vehicles.

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Suzuki Plans To Build A Full Line-Up Of Electric Cars

Suzuki will invest ¥4.5-trillion (R595-billion) this decade in research, development and capital spending to make battery electric vehicles (EVs), it said on Thursday.

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Toyota Boss To Step Down As Company Defends Its Electric Car Strategy

Leaning on your heritage is always a good idea. Rolling out some classic models generally gets people putting on their warm and fuzzy nostalgia glasses, and can act as a useful distraction from other woes.

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Biggest Electric Car Complaints From Charging To Costs

While sales of electric vehicles have shot up, these cars are not without issues, with EV owners now feeling the pinch from the energy crisis.

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Onto Secures £100M Credit To Buy More Electric Cars

Electric car subscription platform Onto has secured £100m of credit funding from the investment group CDPQ and asset manager Pollen Street.

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