Industry highlights week 20 – 24 Feb 2023

UK Electric Vehicle Charging Points ‘Not Keeping Pace’ With 2030 Target, UK MPs Told

MPs from all parts of Britain have called on the government to “step up” and increase the number of rapid electric charging points if they are to meet the demand expected over the next seven years.

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Nio To Launch Construction Of Two New EV Factories

Nio plans to start building two production facilities for each of its two planned subsidiaries for more affordable electric cars in March 2023. What’s also new is that one of the brands appears to be primarily for export to Europe.

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Ora Funky Cat: Don’t Be Fooled By Name Or Look Of This Thoroughly Modern Motor

Ora’s oddly named Funky Cat arrives in Ireland from China – with added German DNA – take on the electric establishment.

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How Did China Come To Dominate The World Of Electric Cars?

From generous government subsidies to support for lithium batteries, here are the keys to understanding how China managed to build a world-leading industry in electric vehicles.

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Toyota Will Start Electric SUV Production In US As Early As 2025

Toyota Motor Corp will begin producing mid- to large-sized electric sports utility vehicles (SUVs) at its Kentucky plant as early as in summer 2025, aiming for monthly output of more than 10,000 by the year’s end, the Nikkei business daily reported on Tuesday.

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