Industry highlights week 18 – 22 September 2023

EV Ownership Soars By 133 Per Cent - But Where Are The Charge Points?

Ownership of electric-powered vehicles in Northern Ireland has soared by 133 per cent in the last two years – much higher than any other UK region – new figures show.

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Auto Industry Slams Britain's Petrol Car Ban Delay And Confusion

Carmakers, which have invested billions on electric vehicles, slammed Britain’s move to delay a 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars, saying it would disrupt supply chains and slow the transition to greener cars.

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Graphite Made From Wood Chips May Soon Be In Your EV Battery

A New Zealand-based startup just got $18 million to commercialize graphite made of wood chips for EV batteries in Europe and the US.

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Europe Car Sales Jump 21% As EVs Help Extend Growth Streak

Demand for battery-powered cars continues to climb. The number of new EVs registered across Europe soared 102% in August to just shy of 197,000 cars.

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China's Nio Launches Smartphone Developed To Use With Its Electric Cars

China’s Nio Inc on Thursday unveiled a high-end smartphone designed to be used with its electric vehicles, touting a plethora of related functions such as using the phone to instruct the car to park itself.

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