Industry highlights week 18 – 22 Jul 2022

All Irish Homes Now Eligible For €600 Electric Vehicle Charging Grant

All Irish homes are now eligible to get a €600 grant to put an electric vehicle charging point in their house, even if they don’t have an electric vehicle.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Will Be Expanded Across The Country As Minister For Transport Announces New Scheme

Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan yesterday announced funding for apartments dwellers and sports clubs to install chargers while businesses will be given the chance to trial an EV free for three months through a new commercial fleet trial.

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Fleets Find EV Transition “Smoother Than Anticipated”

Fleet operators have found that switching to electric vehicles (EVs) has resulted in less disruption than initially expected.

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USPS Scales Back Next-Gen Fleet Plans, Commits To More Electric Vehicles

The Postal Service is scaling back the number of next-generation delivery vehicles it’s committed to purchasing, but is setting a higher bar for the minimum number of electric vehicles it will buy.

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Here’s How The Electric Vehicle Revolution Is Going

For years, electric vehicles were said to be just around the corner. Now, they’re here, moving from niche to mainstream, with their listen-or-you’ll-miss-it driving noises, and with no need for gas, oil changes or emissions tests — ever. The revolution is happening in a time of high gas prices and amid worries about stable energy sources fueled by the war in Ukraine.

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Industry highlights week 04 – 08 December 2023

Henderson Group and bp pulse have signed a partnership agreement to install ultra-rapid changing for up to 200 electric vehicles (EVs) at around 100 Henderson Retail sites across Northern Ireland within the next two years.

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