Industry highlights week 17 – 21 Apr 2023

Energy Prices: Government Accused Of Protecting Energy Companies' Profits Over Irish Families And Businesses

The government has been accused of protecting energy companies and their profits at the cost of Irish families and businesses.

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Meet Luvly That Wants To Be Known As The Ikea Of Tiny Electric Cars

From Sweden comes a new startup called Luvly that describes itself as the Ikea of tiny electric cars. The microcar company is indeed already working on its first model and says it will be delivered in flat-packs, however, not for customer assembly.

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Jaguar Land Rover To Invest £15Bn In Luxury Electric Cars

The plan includes making one of Jaguar Land Rover’s UK plants fully electric and launching a new Jaguar EV later this year.

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Ford Brings It Electric Pickup Europe

Ford is launching its all-electric pickup F-150 Lightning in Europe. A limited number of launch edition units are available for pre-order in Norway.

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Ikea Invests £4.5M In EV Charging Infrastructure Projects For Last Mile Fleet In The U.K. And Ireland

Swedish furniture retailer, IKEA announced today a £4.5 million (£1 = $1.2431) investment in a nationwide electric charging infrastructure, which will provide charging points for electric delivery vehicles across the country to enable more emissions-free deliveries.

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