Industry highlights week 16 – 20 October 2023

Nissan Shows Hyper Punk Concept

Nissan has completed its quartet of futuristic, faceted concept cars for the Japan Mobility Show with this, the Hyper Punk Concept.

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Popular Car Brand Discontinues Top-Selling EV

French firm Renault is ceasing production of the Zoe next year, in favour of its Clio and Captur hybrids.

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Telsa's Demand Warning Sparks Selloff In EV Stocks

Elon Musk’s warning that high interest rates could sap electric-vehicle demand knocked shares of the sector today, with some analysts questioning if Tesla can maintain the runaway growth that has for years set it apart from other automakers.

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More Than Half Of Electric Porsche Owners Want To Switch Back To Petrol As Luxury Brands Struggle To Keep EV Customers

More than half of Porsche EV owners want to switch back to petrol cars, a new study has revealed.

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Stellantis Reveals An Even Lower-Priced Electric Vehicle

Stellantis has been busy revealing low-priced entry-level electric vehicles that it plans to begin selling in 2024 to compete with French automaker Renault in Europe as well as Chinese EV companies.

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