Industry highlights week 14 – 18 August 2023

EV Charging Costs Surge By 19% In Ireland - The Ninth Most Expensive Place To Charge In Europe

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging costs have surged by 19% in Ireland, making it the ninth most expensive place to charge an EV in Europe.

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Northern Ireland Car Dealers Reveals £2Million All-Electric Driving Investment At Its Belfast Automotive Retail Park

Charles Hurst is charging ahead with a £2million investment to open a new Belfast dealership that will bring the challenger electric vehicle (EV) CUPRA brand to its Northern Ireland retail estate for the first time.

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The Human Cost Of Electric Car Batteries

The world is racing to replace the internal combustion engines that have traditionally powered our cars and trucks with battery-powered electric engines and the European Union will ban the sale of internal combustion engines by 2035.

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Next Year Likely To See Smaller Electric Car Prices Drop

More and more car companies are chasing cheaper electric car market share as inflation hits customers and Chinese competition ramps up. Cheaper EV prices are finally on the way.

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The Big Tech Show: Ireland's EV Charging Network Is Awful. But Things Are Finally Starting To Look Up?

Ireland’s electric car charging network has come in for significant criticism over the years. As demand for EVs has risen, the number of public charging points has not increased fast enough to keep up.

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