Industry highlights week 09 – 13 Jan 2023

Sales Of Electric Cars Jumped 81% In 2022

The number of electric cars registered for the first time rose sharply in 2022, new data from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) showed, with hybrid sales also soaring.

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Jaguar Owner To Make Electric-Vehicle Battery Cells In Europe

India’s oldest conglomerate, Tata Group, is planning to set up electric vehicle cell-manufacturing operations in Europe as it tries to accelerate its British marque unit’s shift to battery-powered cars.

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How Long Will It Take European Drivers To Save For An Electric Vehicle?

With the cost of electric car rapid charging rising by 58% in eight months and the initial cost of purchase for an EV an obstacle that many motorists are facing, Hippo Leasing analysed how long it will take UK drivers to buy an EV

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Mercedes May Drop The 'EQ' Label For Electric Vehicles In 2024

Mercedes-Benz apparently wants to do without the additional label EQ for its electric models from 2024. According to German media, the carmaker is considering bringing out future vehicle generations under their old names like E-Class again, regardless of the type of drive.

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Stellantis Thinks EV Batteries & Hydrogen Fuel Cells Can Coexist

The line separating EV batteries from hydrogen-fueled mobility is getting thinner, and Stellantis provides a good example.

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