Industry highlights week 01 – 05 Aug 2022

Is Ireland Equipped For Electric Cars?

Does Ireland have the infrastructure for Electric Cars? Guest host Regina Doherty is joined by Paddy Comyn (Director of Communications, AA Ireland), Emma Mitchell (Operations Director, Society of the Irish Motor Industry ), and Andrea Gilligan (Presenter, Lunchtime Live) to discuss.

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Stellantis Overtakes Tesla In Europe EV Sales, Targets Top Spot

Stellantis is on a roll in Europe when it comes to electric vehicle sales, with the Franco-Italo-American group overtaking Tesla in the first half of the year and closing in on Volkswagen Group.

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Electric Vehicles Travel Up To 19 Miles After Range Readout Hits Zero

An electric vehicle (EV) range test suggests that electric cars can travel up to 19 miles, on average, after their range readouts hit zero.

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Honda and Sony Enter Electric Vehicle Joint Venture

The siren call of the electric vehicle market continues to grow stronger as Sony and Honda announce an equally owned joint venture to begin selling EVs by 2025, reported Reuters.

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New MG4 EV For Ireland This Winter

A new MG4 electric car will be launched in Ireland towards the end of this year – It is the first MG model for Europe to be built on the Modular Scaleable Platform developed by MG brand owner SAIC of China, which maximises battery efficiency and reduces weight.

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Weekly Highlights

Industry highlights week 04 – 08 December 2023

Henderson Group and bp pulse have signed a partnership agreement to install ultra-rapid changing for up to 200 electric vehicles (EVs) at around 100 Henderson Retail sites across Northern Ireland within the next two years.

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