Fiat 500e Red Edition



Fiat 500e Red Edition – The Red Edition comes with Red paint, logos, mirror caps and design cues on the alloy wheels. Inside, they receive a red dashboard, The seats are made from ocean-recovered recycled plastic.a 11.0in infotainment touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a quite funky EV with Cuteness as standard!

Real range: between 165 – 355 km
— City – Cold Weather: 230 km
— Highway – Cold Weather: 165 km
— Combined – Cold Weather: 195 km
— City – Mild Weather: 355 km
— Highway – Mild Weather: 215 km
— Combined – Mild Weather: 270 km

(Real-world range information from


Our fuel savings calculator calculates your yearly amount that could be saved by switching from fossil fuel cars to an EV. Enter below the average yearly kilometres along with how much you pay per litre of fuel.

Per 100km

Saved on fuel for electric cars as opposed to petrol/diesel cars assuming 2 cent per 1km in electric car and 12 cent per 1km in petrol/diesel car.


Enter below the average fuel you use per month and type of fuel to calculate how much CO2 you can reduce.

Less CO2

Than diesel cars and 22% less than petrol cars in a worst case scenario according to new studies.



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